Evanson/ Evanston


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Operated 1950-1974
Latitude: 37.542040100000
Longitude: -83.031556900000

Island Creek Coal Company operated the mine after Pocahantas.  Some time in the mid-60's (perhaps 1967) the deep mine caught fire and was sealed off. Those who lived in Evanston during the deep mine years have a reunion the 2nd Saturday in June of each year.  The Evanston reunion is held on the third Saturday (the 2nd Saturday is incorrect) of June each year. It is held at Camp Lewis in Guage, Ky. Contact Billy Inmon at 419.681.2145 or email storagerentalsoa@aol.com.  Juanita Church and the book committee is publishing a book about residents of Evanston from that time period. A date has not been set for publication but should be sometime this year. 

Evanston has been strip mined out of existence as a community. It was never a town, only a community of 300 residents at its peak. After the mine caught fire and was sealed off, Evanston’s population declined.  The only structure that remains from my childhood there is the church house. All houses are gone, the railroad tracks are gone as is the paved main road. The road has been completely re-routed from its earlier days; so much so that were it not for the old church house I would not have oriented myself when I visited years ago.

     -submitted by Freddie Church on 5/20/2014 and 6/2/2014


Town site destroyed by strip mining.

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