Ep / Belfry


Camp Status:

Begin Year: 
End Year: 
Post Office Address/Status: 
Operated 1921-1926
Latitude: 37.620958300000
Longitude: -82.267452500000

Belfry was an active coal camp until the early 960s and was owned by the Eastern Coal Corporation, Bluefield, WV. I lived there in a company house from 1950 until 1960 while my Dad was employed in the Eastern mines. The houses were mostly four rooms with an outhouse. All houses were painted the same silver color but alternate houses had either a brown or green trim. Living in the coal camps was an experience that will never be duplicated. Lots of children and good neighbors. I treasure those memories.

     -Submitted by Darrel Roberts on 4/16/2014


Ep was name of po est. in 1926, Belfry was name of town assc. w/ coal mine and rr station from 1913 in same locale. [Rennick. 1984. "Kentucky Place Names" p. 19]

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