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310 Beaver Junction Rd, 41621; Operated 1890-present
Latitude: 37.624395000000
Longitude: -82.729197000000

Dwale is located just north of Allen; 3 miles south of Prestonsburg. Only one coal mine is recorded to have been operational in Dwale: Supreme Elkhorn Collieries Co., from 1923-25, it employed approx. 180 workers.  The first post office was named for Robert Haws Ford in 1868, with John M. Layne, post master. After two more attempts to keep it running, the post office was re-established and supposedly named for a town in South Wales in 1890, by Capt. John Finlayson. Born in Scotland, Finlayson went on to become the superintendent of the “Yellow Poplar Lumber Co." based out of Chicago, Illinois.  Dwale is one of the first communities along the Big Sandy River where the new section of Highway US23 does not follow the river. The highway and river will not meet again to run side by side, until Lawrence County.

     -Written and submitted by Lisa Stumbo, Director of ECHO-Big Sandy Community and Technical College, on 4/14/2014.  lstumbo0004@kctcs.edu

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